Hodgkin's Disease Treatment


Hodgkin's Disease Treatment

This is painless enlargement of lymph nodes with progression to involve the liver and spleen. It originates in the lymphoid system involving lymph nodes, spleen, liver, bone marrow and lung "Hodgkin's Disease Treatment".



  1. Stage i: Lesions limited to one lymph nodes or to another on extralymphatic site
  2. Stage ii: Involves two or more nodes on same side of the diaphragm; may involve one extralymphatic site on the same side.
  3. Stage iii: Lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm are involved. May have spleen involvement and another extralymphatic site.
  4. Stage iv: Diffuse involvement of extralymphatic organs.


Causes//risks factors

Aetiology is idiopathic but it's common in young adults and immune-suppression.

"Hodgkin's Disease Treatment"


Clinical manifestation

- Initially, painless enlargement of the lymph nodes on one side on the neck

- Dyspnea due to pressure on the trachea

- Dysphagia due to pressure on the esophagus

- Oedema of upper extremities due to pressure on the nerves

- Obstruction of bile duct

- Hepatomagaly

- Splenomegaly

- Nights sweats

- Low - grade fever

- Weight-loss

- Pruritus

- Urethra obstruction

- Oligura


"Hodgkin's Disease Treatment"


Diagnosis evaluation

  1. Lymph nodes biopsy
  2. Exploratory Laparotomy for staging purposes
  3. History taking

Management/Nursing care

- Radiation especially for localized disease

- Antineoplastic agents (chemotheraphy to help decrease the malignancy e.g vincristine, vinblastin and blemycin)

- Maintain hydration and balance diet to prevent acidosis and to enhance immunity.

- Maintain adequate pulmonary hygiene.

- Encourage loose-fitting clothes

- Advice patient to protect skin from exposure to sun, chlorine and temperature extreme.


- Encourage mouth care using sift tooth brush.

- Maintain semi-fowler's position and evaluate for shortness of breath.

- Encourage adequate rest to conserve energy and decrease body needs for oxygen.

- Assist patient to understand implications of the disease, its prognosis and display ability

to cope with diagnoses.


"Hodgkin's Disease Treatment"

Nursing diagnosis

  1. Impaired breathing pattern related to pressure on the trachea evidence by dysprea.

ii Imbalance nutrition less than body requirement related to pressure on the oseophagus. Evidence by weight loss.

iii. Hypthemia related to disease process evidence by temperature of 38oC.



- Hepatomegaly

- Splenomegaly

- Spinal cord compression

- Thromboembolic complications

- Renal failure due to urethra compression\

- Respiratory failure.


"Hodgkin's Disease Treatment"


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